MG 4 Model X Price, Battery Capacity And Range

MG motor plane to launch his New Model (MG 4X) in mid of 2023. MG 4X is a Hatchback family car This car was launched in the market in 2023. Mg motors added many advanced feature in this car. This car have two ultra-responsive, independent electric motors that digitally control total torque (250 Nm). If we talk about the total power of this car 150 kW.

In term of feature the MG 4 Model X car properly connected technology cameras, updated lights, cruise control system advance parking sensors. It has five seats and can fit two extra seats. If we look the car body it is very wonderful and Eye catching. MG 4 X car launched in different colors For example grey, Black and white.

MG 4 Model X Price

If we talk about MG 4 Model X company has set the basic price of this vehicle at approximately $40,000. Also know that the $55,000 federal tax credit for MG 4 Model X vehicles has officially run out. Many people build the car order which more features are updated which may also increase the price.

Battery Capacity And Range

MG 4 Model X car has a lithium-ion batters. Two separate batteries are connected in the car. The number of cells in the battery is (104). Normal capacity of this battery is (64.0 kWh) but use-able battery capacity is (61.7 kWh).

MG 4 Model X car top speed 161km/h. If we talk about the battery range. Any automobile real rage depends on these factors Driving style, road condition and weather condition But Company claim that MG 4 Model X can cover 524 km range in a single charge.

This car drive in the city range is (524 km) and if we talk about the high way it cove only (420 km). MG 4 Model X acceleration or car speed pick 0-100 km/h in (7.6 seconds).

MG 4 X Charging

MG 4 Model X car,There are two types charging normal charging and fast charging. If we talk about the normal charging capacity. Normal charging adopter is charge power 11 kW AC, it will take about maximum 6 hours and 45 minutes only battery full charge.

And if you plugin Fast charging adopter its charge power 135 kW DC and it will take about maximum 34 minutes for fully battery charged.


Here is some key features of this vehicle.

Model NumberMG 4 X 2023
Engine TypeElectric
Motor TypeDual Motors
Acceleration 0-100 mph7.6 seconds
Maximum Range524 km
Top Speed160 km/h
Battery Capacity64.0 kWh
Drive Type AWD


Length4287 mm
Width1836 mm
Height1504 mm
Weight2133 kg
Wheel Base2705 mm
Width with mirrors2060 mm
Cargo Space1177 L

What is the MG4 Model X Electric price?

The MG4 Electric costs estimated $42,995 but company officially not reveal the price yet.

New MG 4X Model Launched Date?

This is the news in market that this car will be launched in the middle of 2023.

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