Sazgar Electric Rickshaw Price in Pakistan

After electric vehicles and motorcycles, now electric rickshaws are also available to the public in Pakistan. Sazgar Company has started booking three-wheeled electric rickshaws If anyone wants to buy this rikshaw, You can book by going to their website.

Before buying any electric vehicle, the customer first determines its range, how far it can travel on a single charge. The company claims a range of up to 100km on a single charge.

By the way, company launched its prototype electric rickshaw in 2021, but it has been opened for booking last of 2022 for general public purchase. Company installed 3kW motor in this rickshaw.

Rickshaw Charging Cost

This rickshaw consumes three and a half units to be charged from zero to hundred percent, which costs around Rs150. And you can easily travel up to hundred kilometers on a single charge

If seen, this rickshaw can be much cheaper than ordinary fuel and gasoline rickshaws, Because they consume about 250,0000 rupees worth of petrol along with approximately 50 to 60 thousand rupees maintenance cost every year. On the contrary, in this electric rickshaw you don’t have to spend money on maintenance or petrol.

Sazgar Electric Rikshaw Price

When it comes to price, the company has launched these rickshaws in three different variant. The only difference is their battery which increases its range. The basic variant priced is 595,000 which gives you a range of up to 100 km and operone variant price 695,000 which give you a range 160 km and top of the variant cost 785,000 give you a range 210 km.

Battery Capacity and Load

Sazgar electric rickshaw have 6.5KW/h battery pack in Base variant. If we talk about load capacity, this electric rickshaw can easily pull 400 kg weight which is claimed by the company.

Key Features




6.5Kw/h, 72V, 90Ah



Charging Time

4 hour

Transmission Type

5 Speed

Maximum Payload

400 kg

Max Speed



595,000 PKR

Sazgar electric rickshaw price in Pakistan?

Sazgar launch 3 different category on Electric rickshaw with different Price tag but the basic Variants price is Approx. 595,0000.

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