Electric bike Prices in Pakistan 2023

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan as a means of transportation. E-bikes are powered by electric motors and batteries, and offer a more environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to traditional gasoline-powered bikes.

In Pakistan, there are several brands that offer a range of e-bike models, including motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles. Prices for e-bikes in Pakistan can vary depending on the specific model and features, as well as the location in which it is being sold. It would be best to check with a local e-bike dealership or seller for the most accurate and current pricing information.

Currently, many companies have participated in the race of making electric bikes in Pakistan, some of the famous brands are listed below. Who have introduced their models for sale in the market.

Jaguar Electric Bike

MS Jaguar is actually a Chinese brand that manufactures bikes and sells them in the market in Pakistan. This company was initially known for selling bike spare parts and then gas engine bikes in the market, but now it has It has established itself as an electric bike maker. This company has introduced its four electric bikes in the market, the details of which you will find in the table below, by which you can judge which bike will be better for you.

Inside MS-Jaguar-e-70 and MS-Jaguar-e-125 models, you get a lithium-ion phosphate battery that comes with a ten-year warranty from the company.

MS-Jaguar electric Bike Price, range and Specs

ModelMax, Range (single charge)Top SpeedPrice
MS-Jaguar-e-7085-100 Km70km/h₨ 163,900
MS-Jaguar-e-125150-170km80km/h₨ 234,900
MS E-Heavy Bike100Km80km/h₨ 259,900
MS E-SCOOTER70km60km/h₨ 129,900

Vlektra Bikes

While many companies are selling electric bikes in Pakistan, vlektra has also succeeded in making a name for itself. Vlektra bikes are one of the most beautiful looking and attractive looking bikes, the look of this bike is like a sports bike that every man wants to buy. You will find Vlektra showroom only in Karachi as it has not yet spread its network across the country.

Vlektra Bike Price, range and Specs

ModelMax, Range (single charge)Top SpeedPrice
Bolt80-90 Km75km/h₨ 449,000
Retro80km65km/h₨ 299,000
Retro196980-100 Km80km/h₨ 449,000

Jolta Electric Bikes

There was a lot of talk about electric vehicles in Pakistan at that time this company Jolta electric announced that it is going to manufacture electric bikes in Pakistan and then in 2021 it introduced its electric bikes for sale in the Pakistani market. Which was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan himself.

Jolta Company is currently selling four of its electric bikes, one scooter and one electric bicycle in Pakistan and claims that the demand for its products is very high among the public. And it has to give three to four months booking for the electric bike to the client.

Latest Electric vehicles

Jolta electric Bike Price, range and Specs

ModelMax, Range (single charge)Top SpeedPrice
JE-70D80Km50km/hRS. 120,000
JE-70D-SE80km55km/hRS. 135,000
JE-70L(advance)90Km55-60 Km/hRS. 199,000
JE-100L110Km60-65 Km/hRS. 219,000
JE-125L110Km70-75 Km/hRS. 249,000
JES-49D (scotty)70km55 km/hRS. 145,000
JES-49L (scotty)80km55 km/hRS. 185,000
JE-Cycle30km35 km/hRS. 42,500


What is Electric bike prices in Pakistan?

Prices for e-bikes in Pakistan can vary depending on the specific model and features.

Jolta electric Bike price in Pakistan?

Jolta Electric bike price starting from 120,000 to 249,000 depending on Model you want.

Best electric Bike in Pakistan?

I think vlektra Bikes are best ev bikes in Pakistan its prices are high but give you full worth.

Electric Bike kit Price in Pakistan?

Full electric bike kit price is almost 4,5000 Rs in Pakistan.

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