Audi e tron gt price, Range and specification

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Audi Company is considered as one of the top automobile companies in the world. In the beginning this company made cars with combustion engine like other big automaker brands but for some time Audi is focusing on electric vehicles and introducing amazing variety of electric vehicles in the world. And among them, one of their electric car is the Audi e-trone, It is a fully electric vehicle that is very popular among the ev lovers.

Audi e tron gt Battery capacity

Company added many advanced features to this vehicle audi e-trone. In it you get to see the world’s second most advanced electric battery technology Lithium-Ion While in terms of low price, it is called the most advanced battery in the world. In it you will find the 800V Lithium-Ion battery Which is installed on the lower side of the car.

Audi e tron gt Charging Time

The company claims that the Audi e-Tron GT can easily travel up to 480 km on a single charge. The most important and the biggest difficulty in electric vehicles is their charging time because it takes a lot of time to charge the battery, Audi e-tron gt at up to 270 kW at 800-volt charging stations takes Around 23 minutes from 5 % back up to approx. 80 % and takes approx. 5 minutes to charge enough power for the next 100 km.

Audi e tron gt Range

When determining the range of EV There are many factors to consider like temperature, Speed, highway or inside city. But the company claims that Audi e-trone can travel more than 480 km in a single charge. If talk about the torque, this car accelerates from zero to hundred kilometers in 4.1 seconds And its maximum speed is 241 km/h.

Audi e tron gt Price

Basically, Audi has launched two different versions Audi e-trone gt quattro and Audi Rs e-trone gt. Their are huge price difference Audi e-trone gt price is almost 490Lakh Pakistani Which is far above the reach of the common man in Pakistan.

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